Laws for Online Gambling Worldwide


It is no secret that each country in the world has its own laws for land-based casinos. In some, it has been around for a while and in others, it is still completely prohibited. The situation with online gambling is not that simple. The operators and being treated totally differently depending on where you are. 

For example, in the European Union online gambling is not banned or illegal. The foreign website operators, though, are the subject of the laws of the union. On the other hand, some of the EU countries like France and Germany would not let operators legally provide gambling services without obtaining a license and paying local taxes. On the Canadian website of CasinoChan Casino you can safely and legally gamble and enjoy your spare time as a responsible man. Although, some countries simply do not have all the necessary tools to control over the foreign operators. The reason for that is the unadvanced technologies, which bring a totally different attitude towards online gambling. 

What do the numbers say around the world?

  • Thirty-two countries ban local operators from work without a license, though it is fully legal to operate in different countries. Those are some countries: Greece, Monaco, Canada, Norway, Sweden, etc.
  • Thirty-two countries legalize online gambling when having a local license. Those are Denmark, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, etc.
  • In twenty-eight countries, online gambling is fully prohibited to local operators. But, there are no restrictions when it comes to operating out of a country even with no license at all. Among those are the following: New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, Nigeria and others. 
  • And finally, in ninety-three countries is it illegal to provide online gambling services and they do not license operators. Those countries include Tunisia, Kosovo, Uruguay, Bahamas, Argentina, Kenya, Egypt, Gibraltar, etc. 

It should be noted that in many countries, operators are evading tax payments and still operate in those, where it is completely prohibited. The question is still open: there is no global body to regulate the industry, considering how big it has gotten. What makes it worse that is in some countries the laws towards online gambling are very unclear. So operators have to face it every time and it is confusing for them.

The governments of all the countries should take online gambling more seriously. It has got to a point, where billions of dollars are under-regulated. There are still a lot of countries that rely on very irrelevant and unclear regulatory laws. This can very much lead to sad circumstances and affect many people, so let’s hope for progression in this case. Even in countries where it is prohibited, those who want to gamble will find ways to do so. Therefore making it illegal will not help anything, in fact, can only make things worse in the long run. But, at the end of the day, the majority of people should be aware of where they deposit their money and choose wisely when it comes to online gambling. 

Laws for Online Gambling Worldwide

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