Tennis betting on favorites – Strategy for combined & system bets

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Since tennis is very different from many other sports, this has a corresponding effect on the odds and tennis betting. Ultimately, you always have to be familiar with tennis in order to be able to estimate the odds in the best possible way. But there are also different strategies with which you can approach tennis via sports betting. Basically, however, it always applies that one should not go to the point without thinking. We would like to present two strategies here. One strategy for tennis refers to system betting. With this one you try to bet on the fact that an outsider will win a set, but the favorite will win the match. The second strategy is to bet on the victory of clear favorites with a combination bet.

Strategy 1: Underdog with set win as a tennis system bet

Basically, it’s all about picking outsiders in tennis matches who you think are capable of winning a set in the match. Basically, you still assume that the favorite will win, but not 2-0 but 2-1. Accordingly, the gap between the favorite and the underdog should not be too big. If you bet on the exact sets, you can raise the odds from 1.10-1.16 to 3.50 or even higher. In the big tournaments there are many opportunities to do this, only the fewest favorites manage to win a tournament without losing a set. The strategy is now based on applying this core as a system bet on several matches.

For example, a system 2 out of 8 would be possible, which means a total of 28 different combinations with eight selections. Each match then results in for example a ratio of 3.50. If one plays for example the employment of 1$ per selection, then one can have the employment already starting from 3 selections again out and even a small profit.

With eight selections it is quite possible that at least some outsiders will take a set with them. On the other hand, the full yield is much harder, but with each correct selection more that is correct, the profit also increases. In the example above, you can see this if you get 4 out of 8 or even 5 out of 8 right. It is certainly important to be careful when choosing the outsiders and also look at the previous form and head-to-head statistics. If the distance between the favorite and the underdog is too big, it could be a wasted tip.

Strategy 2: Secure Tennis Combi Bets

This strategy is basically relatively simple. You try to put together a kind of safe bet for combinations in order to have the highest possible probability of winning. For this to work, you first have to find out the odds, for example for the next week or the upcoming tournament. Strictly only odds up to 1.20 are picked out. So you want to find the favorites and make a combination with them. You should not expect huge odds. If you put together a combination of five from the odds 1.08 – 1.05 – 1.12 – 1.05 – 1.10, you get the total odds of 1.46. That’s not an insane amount, but at least you get almost half of the stake as a win and that with a relatively safe starting position.

Of course, there is no complete guarantee that you are always right, so you should only bet with money that you can provide in a pool. You should also look at each match separately and not just blindly take the odds. The better you know about the upcoming matches and tournaments, the better. The advantage of tennis is that there are many tournaments worldwide and the players usually play equally in the ATP or WTA. This helps with a better classification..

Tennis betting on favorites – Strategy for combined & system bets

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